Office of Business Operations

Payroll | Deductions

Below is a list of common deductions from employee paychecks:

  • Federal and state income taxes
  • Social Security and Medicare taxes
  • Benefit deductions such as insurances, retirement, medical or dependent care flexible spending
  • UNI Parking Permit and traffic fines
  • UNI Foundation
  • Purchases from Department of Residence dining/retail venues (labeled ID Charge)
  • Involuntary deductions such as child support, tax levies, and garnishments


Authorization for payroll deduction for purchases charged to your ID

Miscellaneous voluntary deductions from your paycheck must have your authorization. Non-student employees may have payroll deduction for purchases from the Department of Residence dining and retail venues such as 23rd St Market, Prexies, Essentials, IF the employee has given authorization. This authorization is done via the eBusiness suite UNI Employee Self Service, UID Payroll Deduct Authorization. For more information visit Authorize Payroll Deduction for Purchases Charged to Your ID.

Explanation of Parking Permit Deductions

Parking Permit PT deduction is a pre-tax deduction of the cost of your permit. This amount represents 1/12th of the annual parking permit cost. E.g. if a permit was purchased for $180, this would be a $15 monthly deduction.

Parking Permit deduction is an after tax deduction of the cost of your permit. This deduction is taken over 1, 2, or 3 months, whichever you chose when you purchased the permit. This deduction also is used for payment for postage if you elected to have your permit mailed through US Mail.

Parking Permit Adj deduction is a pretax deduction which includes pre-tax deductions accumulated in arrears. This would include 9 and 10 month employees purchasing an annual permit or permits purchased for a month’s parking after the deduction file was submitted to payroll.