Office of Business Operations


General Information

The Cashiers have administrative responsibility for all cash collection efforts on campus. We serve as the official, central depository for the collecting, receipting, and processing of funds for the University.  The Cashiers are responsible for ensuring that all payments and credits are safeguarded and accurately applied to each student and/or departmental account in a timely manner. The Cashiering team provides the following services for students, parents, patrons, and staff:

  • Process u-bill payments
  • Dispense student refund checks
  • Administer Emergency Loan requests
  • Receive and process departmental deposits
  • Act as advisors for all cash handling activities on campus
  • Verify that all Cash Receipt Vouchers are properly prepared and submitted in accordance with University policy and procedures
  • Govern Change Fund and Reimbursement Fund requests
  • Provide banking services for on-campus departments