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  • Merit Timecard Coding Change Training PowerPoint
    4 months 3 weeks ago
  • Merit Timecard Coding Changes
    5 months 2 days ago

    Payroll will be providing Merit Timecard Coding training for merit employees and/or their supervisors.

    As communicated by Human Resource Services via emails, website information, and FAQs, there are numerous upcoming merit system rule changes, some affecting timecard coding... read more

General Information

Payroll strives to timely and accurately pay each employee on payday.  Students and seasonal employees are paid biweekly, faculty and staff are paid monthly. Payroll processes wages based on budgeted salaries and hourly rates, Personnel Action Forms (PAFs), Student Employee Approval Forms (SEAFs), and approved timecards. Deductions from pay are mandated taxes, benefits deductions, miscellaneous deductions such as United Way, dues, UNI Foundation, Wellness, and involuntary garnishments.

Payroll accounts for vacation and sick leave balances.  This includes monitoring monthly leave accruals, usage from timecards, adjustments related to Catastrophic Leave Donations, and leave payouts upon resignation. Payroll monitors and pays out compensatory time and other types of leave usage.

Payroll reviews all income to international visitors and determines taxation in compliance with tax laws for international income.  When applicable, tax exemption treaty benefits are provided.