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Travel Management Tools

The University of Northern Iowa has partnered with Direct Travel and Short's Travel Management (STM) to provide UNI travelers with convenient, online booking tools for all your travel arrangement needs. All non-athletic travel will use the Direct Travel Etta booking tool. Athletics travel will continue to use the STM Portal.

Please note the following with the academic travel transition to Direct Travel:

  • Existing travel profiles, including preferences, unused tickets, etc. will be transferred to Direct Travel
  • No change to existing customer support phone numbers: (877-503-0017)
  • There is a new agent support email address:
  • New Direct Travel Itineraries (Direct2U)
  • Travel arrangements for non-UNI guests will need to be booked through a travel agent rather than through the online booking tool or guest travelers can book their own arrangements and seek reimbursement (requires a TEV submission in ProTrav).

There are many great benefits that using the travel management book tools provides to not only the University but also to you as the traveler. Below is a list of some of these benefits:

Benefits to the End User/Traveler
  • One-stop shop for all travel needs - saves the travel arranger time in processing and booking.
  • Excellent Traveler Support from experts - if travel plans need to change, such as cancelling or postponing a trip, travelers will be much more successful in receiving refunds or exchanges when working with a contracted agent rather than a third-party vendor (such as Expedia) or through the airline website directly.
  • 24/7 Service - agents are on hand at any time of day to handle any sort of travel emergency that may come up, such as an unexpected flight cancellation.

Benefits to the University
  • Economies of Scale - Direct Travel and STM can use their relationships to negotiate better rates and services for UNI travelers.
  • Ability to record current UNI specific data on travel.
    • Used to negotiate contracts with airlines and hotels to reduce costs
    • Helps determine further contracting needs
    • Real time insights to analyze travel patterns and increase ability to forecast needs
  • Ensures policy compliance - Directd Travel and STM know UNI's travel policy and can ensure bookings are compliant, as well as provide receipt documentation that will pass auditor requirements.

Please keep these benefits in mind when choosing how to book your business-related travel arrangements, and try to use these online booking tools whenever possible.

Direct Travel Etta - Academics
Short's Travel Portal - Athletics Only

Direct Travel Etta Resources (Academics):

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Short's Travel Management Travel Portal Resources (Athletics only):

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