Office of Business Operations

Cashiering | Replenish Departmental Reimbursement Funds

The Request for Payment form is found on the UNI Forms Repository:

  1. Payment Information
    • Supplier name: " _______ Department Reimbursement Fund" (Example: If this is for Bender Hall, and John Staff signed for the change fund, the name becomes “Bender Hall-UNI, John Staff, Cedar Falls
    • Supplier Number: A number specific to this reimbursement fund should have already been assigned and can be located on the Oracle Database. Look it up and include it on all reimbursement requests. If you cannot find the supplier number, leave this area blank. DO not put the employee number on the form. Put a note that this is the first time that reimbursement for this fund has been requested. The Office of Business Operations will set up a new supplier number for that specific Fund and individual. This number will differ from the supplier number assigned to the employee for travel or personal reimbursement. This way it will not appear that the person in charge of the fund is personally receiving the cash.
    • Address : "In care of _ ”John Staff”_(person who handles the account)", Campus Mail Code. THESE REIMBURSEMENT CHECKS ARE NOT MAILED. The individual must bring an ID in order to pick the check up and cash it at the Cashier’s Window, 1148 Campbell.
    • Check “ Payee is neither”. Remember payee is NOT an are acting on behalf of the Fund. Do not check "Payee is UNI employee".
    • Check Handling: Mark “ Hold Check”.
    • Itemize all expenditures, including details in the area provided. If you do not have enough room, attach Cashbox Reimbursement Expense Detail Sheet.
  2. Account Code Information/Charge Account
    • Distribute charges to appropriate accounts in Section 2. Get appropriate approval initials authorizing expenditures if they will be paid out of different fund codes.
    • Attach all original receipts
  3. Contact Information
    • Fill out all information in this section. If there are questions, this identifies the person to contact.
  4. Approval
    • Get all appropriate signatures.
    • Send all of the paper work with all original receipts attached to the Office of Business Operations, 0008. (Email is NOT an option for a Request for Payment as we need all original paperwork).