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Office of Business Operations

Cashiering | Returned Checks

All checks written to UNI, deposited to the bank and then returned for “Non-Sufficient Funds” are redeposited with no service charge accessed by the bank. If the check is returned from the bank a second time, or the check is returned for “Account Closed”, “Payment Stopped”, “Refer to Maker”, or for any other reason, the bank assesses UNI a service charge and returns the check to UNI. UNI handles the returned check as follows:

  • Students —Returned checks written or cashed by currently enrolled students are charged to the student’s e-bill if the department accepting the original check is set up for U-bill charges. A thirty-dollar ($30.00) service charge and the face amount of the check are charged to the student’s account.  
  • Other —All other returned checks are charged to the same departmental account into which the funds were originally deposited. Further collection attempts are the responsibility of the department that accepted the check. Departments should attempt to collect a thirty-dollar ($30.00) returned check fee in addition to the face value of the check.