Office of Business Operations

Cashiering | Credit Card Processing

The Office of Business Operations is responsible for issuing credit card merchant accounts and for overseeing policies and procedures related to payment card processing. The university accepts credit card payments for a variety of transactions including application fees, athletic events, dining services, memberships, conference registrations, etc. In order to accept credit cards as a form of payment, departments must seek approval from the Office of Business Operations. Before applying for a merchant account departments should consider the following:

  1. Purpose of the account
  2. Anticipated revenue
  3. Average transaction amount
  4. Frequency in which the account will be used (year-round; academic year; special occasions, etc)
  5. How will we account for the credit card fees

Credit Card Processing Forms:

Application to Process Credit Card Payments
Credit Card Account Change Request
UNI Payment Card Merchant Agreement
Wireless Terminal Check-Out Request