Office of Business Operations

Cashiering | Cash Deposit Requirements

General information that is required on the Cash Receipts for Deposit Form:

Account number: (29 digits) (Example: 0000.00.00000.xxxxx.0000.00.0000.000)
Object Code: (5 digits represented by xxxxx above) Must put in appropriate number
Credit: $ amount of deposit (if refund use -$ on the credit side)
Description: Name/Date received/Reason(dues, book sale, t-shirts, Registration fees, etc.)
Employee number: as required (under Line DDF 1)
Person depositing info: name, phone #, department, campus zip, date services occurred
Date deposit prepared

Cash Count

A cash count form is required when departments are submitting any combination of currency, coin, and checks. Cash counts are not required when submitting check only deposits.


When submitting checks in a deposit please include an adding machine tape that includes the total amount of checks. All checks must be made payable to the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) and be restrictively endorsed. The endorsement must minimally say: For Deposit Only (return) University of Northern Iowa/Department’s Name. Other examples are proved below:

For Deposit Only
UNI Business Operations (Use department name here)

*This option will work best for departments that use one account for their deposits.

For Deposit Only UNI Business Operations (Use department name here) 0011-00-______-______031-0000-000

*This option will work best for departments that utilize more than one account for their deposits. When deposits are made the correct account combination will need to be filled. in.


Cash must be submitted according to the following criteria: All bills must be facing same way, and sorted according to denomination. Bills must be clipped flat or banded according to the following chart:



All coin must be sorted and wrapped in the proper coin wrappers. These are available in increment of 100 or 1000 and may be purchased through the Office of Business Operations, Cashier area, ext.3-2628. Cost of increments varies. If there is insufficient coin to fill an individual wrapper, small coin envelopes are available through Campus Supply.

Pennies$ .50
Nickels$ 2.00
Dimes$ 5.00

The Cash Receipts for Deposit Form (eBusiness) and Cash Count Form are available on line on the Forms Repository.

If you have any questions, please call 273-2628.

Updated: 1/15/09