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Guide for Faculty and Staff Relocations

This site is intended to provide basic information regarding payment or reimbursement of relocation expenses, but is not all inclusive.

Pre-Move and Travel Expenses

  • Employment offer letters from the University will indicate relocation expense reimbursement provisions if it is included in the employment offer.
  • New faculty and staff are encouraged to make their move using the most economical and sustainable method.
  • After a new faculty/staff member has accepted employment, travel expenses may be reimbursed, if specifically identified in offer letter. Up to one trip for the staff member and spouse/partner, if noted, for the purpose of arranging housing may be reimbursed. These expenses are taxable and limited to $2,000 which is part of the total moving expense award.
  • All moving expenses are deemed taxable and are subject to tax withholding, and UNI is required to deduct this withholding from the employee’s paycheck. Taxable moving reimbursements through UNI are reported on the employee’s W-2.
  • The request for reimbursement, including documentation of expenses, i.e. itemized receipts and invoices should be submitted within 60 days.
  • The University has selected vendors for moving services through a competitive bid process; significant discounts and other additional benefits are available to assist with the moving process. The current preferred vendors and contact information can be found on the OBO Purchasing website. When speaking with the vendor, reference the University of Northern Iowa Agreement.
  • Moving contracts are between the employee and the moving company. A purchase order may be created for the university’s portion of the move; contact departmental administrative staff for assistance.
  • Reimbursement may include moving company charges for packing, moving, insurance, and unpacking the individual’s household goods or other personal effects.
  • When renting a trailer or other moving equipment, the employee is responsible for paying the rental agency.
  • Original receipts should be submitted for packaging materials (boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc.), gas for rental vehicles used in the move, and road toll fees.
  • During the move, while in travel status, the travel guidelines should be followed for reimbursement requirements. Travel guidelines can be found here. The IRS Moving Rate is used for reimbursing mileage for up to 2 personal vehicles.


Reimbursable Expense Examples

House hunting trip (one trip)Moving Company expensesMoving truck rental & gas
Reasonable Packing/Shipping Expenses (including boxes/packing tape)Personal vehicle mileage (including tolls, parking, etc.)Lodging en route (including the first night in local area)
Meals en routeTemporary lodging & meals after local arrivalTemporary storage of personal/household goods


Non-Reimbursable Moving Expenses

  • Expenses associated with a home sale or lease breakage will not be reimbursed.
  • Totes and other reusable storage bins are not reimbursable.
  • Reimbursement for moving expenses shall not include moving plants or animals.
  • No reimbursement will be made for the hiring of assistance (family/friends) to help with the loading and/or unloading of household or professional


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