Office of Business Operations

Viewing Your Payslip


View Your Payslip

Faculty and staff can view and print their payslips from e-Business Applications.

1) Open a browser and go to the UNI home page:

2) Select MyUNIverse on the UNI home page by clicking on Menu drop down & then MyUNIverse.

 3) Login to MyUNIverse

4) Login to UNI e-Business Suite located on the Work @ UNI tab in the e-Business Resources section.

Work @ UNI

5) Enter your e-Business username and password.

6) To access your direct deposit information, you may have to enroll in Duo Authentication. 

    To enroll in Duo, please follow the prompts, or visit: for step-by-step instructions.


7) Select UNI Employee Self Service (faculty/staff) or UNI Student Employee Self Service (students).

8) Click on Payslip to view.

 Self Service/Payslip

9) Click in the drop down box under “Choose a Payslip” and select the date of the payslip to view.

Choosing a Payslip

10) Click PDF icon. Click open or save (your preference).  

11) OR use Quick Select Payslip by clicking on PDF icon on the payslip you want to view. Click open or save (your preference).

Quick Select Payslip

12) Sample of Payslip below.

 UNI Payslip

13) Click the printer icon to print if you selected the open option above.

14) Log out.


If you have any questions about viewing your payslip, please contact Business Operations at 319-273-2162 or email