Office of Business Operations

Student Job Title Listing


Student Job Title Listing:

AV Production Assistant
Account Clerk
Accounting Assistant
Activities Coordinator
Administrative Assistant
Admissions Representative
Advanced Cluster Administrator
America Counts Tutor
America Reads Tutor
Aquatic Supervisor
Archive Assistant
Arts and Entertainment Editor
Assistant Business Manager
Athletic Trainer
Athletic Tutor
Auditor Assistant
Auditorium Manager
Basketball Manager
Building Manager
Building Monitor
CSL Student Assistant
Cable Television Manager
Camp Assistant
Cashier Assistant
Child Care Aide
Child Care Assistant
Circulation Manager
Clerical Assistant
Clerk Typist
Closed Captioner
Club Room Worker
Coaching Assistant
Collections Manager
Collections Technician
Communications Assistant
Community Advisor
Computer Assistant
Computer Lab Assistant
Computer Lab Supervisor
Computer Technician
Concert Security
Concessions Worker
Conference Assistant
Construction Management Assistant
Construction Manager
Consulting Assistant
Copy Editor
Core Evaluator
Curatorial Assistant
Customer Service Assistant
Customer Service Lead
Data Analyst
Data Entry Specialist
Database Designer
Delivery Assistant
Desk Assistant
Development Assistant
Development Representative
Digital Design Assistant
Dining Assistant
Dining Supervisor
Diversity Specialist
Dome Concert Worker
Dome Parking
Dome Usher
Dome Worker
Education Assistant
Equipment Clerk
Equipment Room Assistant
Executive Editor
Exhibit Preparer
FM Announcer
Facilities Assistant
Facility Manager
Faculty Assistant
Faculty Research Assistant
Features Editor
Features Editor Associate
Fitness Instructor
Fitness Supervisor
Football Manager
GIS Lab Assistant
Gallery Director's Assistant
Gallery Guard
Gallery Special Projects Technician
Geoscience Assistant
Grant Assistant
Graphic Design & Social Media Asst
Graphic Designer
Grounds Assistant
Hall Coordinator Assistant
Hall Store Clerk
Hall Store Manager
ICN Technician
Informal Rec Supervisor
Information Specialist
Information Technology Assistant
Instructional Development Assistant
Instructional Support Assistant
Interactive Media Asst
Interior Design Assistant
Interlibrary Loan Assistant
Intramural Supervisor
Lab Assistant
Lab Monitor
Lead Network Engineer Assistant
Legislative Advocacy Assistant
Library Aide
Library Assistant
Library Student Manager
Licensing Assistant
Mail Assistant
Maintenance Assistant
Managing Editor
Marketing Assistant
Marketing and Office Assistant
Marketing and Public Relations
Masters Swim Coach
Math Assistant
Member Service Representative
Membership Assistant
Message Board Operator
Multimedia Distribution Assistant
Multimedia Production Assistant
NISG Dir of Diversity/Stdt Life
NISG Director of Administration
NISG Director of Public Relations
NISG President
NISG Recording Secretary
NISG Speaker
NISG Vice President
Network Assistant
News Editor
News Editor Associate
NonBonus Dining Assistant
Office Assistant
Office Manager
Orientation Staff
Outdoor Rec Program Assistant
Outdoor Rec Supervisor
PCC Representative
PCC Supervisor
Painter Assistant
Paper Grader
Patrol Coordinator
Patrol Lead
Peer Advisor
Peer Assistant
Peer Counselor
Peer Educator
Peer Health Educators
Peer Instructor
Personal Trainer
Phone Interviewer
Photo Assistant
Photo Editor
Photo Editor Associate
Photocopy Assistant
Private Lesson Instructor
Processing Assistant
Production Assistant
Production House Events
Production Manager
Program Assistant
Program Coordinator
Program and Marketing Assistant
Programmer and Web Developer
Project Assistant
Project Manager
Promotions Assistant
Public Relations Assistant
Publications Editor
Recording Assistant
Registration Assistant
Requisition Preparer
Research Assistant
Resident Assistant
Resnet Computer Consultant
SERC Assistant
Safety Assistant
Sales Consultant
Sales Manager
Scheduling Assistant
Seasonal Worker
Secretarial Assistant
Service Assistant
Setup Crew
Social Media Coordinator
Special Event Staff
Special Events Facility Manager
Special Security
Sports Camp Assistant
Sports Editor
Sports Editor Associate
Staff Training Assistant
Storeroom Clerk
Student Advisor
Student Assistant
Student Coach
Student Manager
Student Programming Coordinator
Student Supervisor
Student Technician
Success Coach
Summer Dining Assistant
Summer Orientation Staff
Supplemental Inst Leader
TML Lead Computer Assistant
Teaching Assistant
Team Coordinator
Team Leader
Team Member
Technical Assistant
Technology Consultant
Technology Specialist
Telephone Operator
Telesales Supervisor
Ticket Seller
Ticket Writer
Tour Guide
Training Assistant
Transcript Receptionist
Transportation Assistant
Video Assistant
Video Board Operator
Web Developer
Weight Room Attendant
Welcome Desk Supervisor
Writing Assistant
Writing Assistant 1
Writing Assistant 2
Writing Assistant 3
If you have any questions about Student Job Titles please contact the Payroll team at or by phone at 319-273-2656.