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P&S Salaried, FLSA Exempt, Less Than 1 FTE, e.g. Phased Retirement


P&S Salaried, FLSA Exempt, Less Than 1 FTE, e.g. Phased Retirement

  • Holiday – benefit received is proportionate to FTE. For example a .6 FTE (60% time) employee will receive 4.8 hours for each holiday falling in their appointment period. If a holiday falls on a day the .6 FTE employee normally works 8 hours the employee will code 4.8 holiday and either 3.2 vacation to total the 8 hours not worked, or flex their time and work the 3.2 another day that week, with supervisor approval. Employees working the full calendar year will receive holiday benefit for every holiday, employees working the academic year do not receive the Independence Day or Memorial Day holidays because they do not fall within the academic year appointment period. If a UNI observed holiday falls on an unscheduled work day during the appointment period the employee should take the holiday benefit on a different day of that week as mutually agreed on with their supervisor.

  • Vacation or sick leave usage – when absent, the employee codes the number of hours normally scheduled to work. For example a .5 FTE employee regularly working 5 four hour days would code 4 hours of vacation or sick leave when absent. However, a .5 FTE employee regularly scheduled 8 hours on Monday, Tuesday, and 4 hours on Wednesday, would code 8 hours of vacation or sick leave when absent on Monday or Tuesday. With supervisor permission an employee may flex their hours worked within the same week rather than using vacation on days they are absent. Family Caregiving Leave benefit received each anniversary date is prorated for part time employees.

  • Working more than scheduled time – FLSA exempt salaried P&S employees do not receive additional compensation for working more than their scheduled FTE hours. These employees do not record hours worked on their timecard, they only record leave usage when absent from normally scheduled work hours.

  • Timecards should be completed within 3 days after month end and submitted for approval.

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