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Faculty & Academic Administrators Hour Types


Faculty & Academic Administrators Hour Types

  • Excused Duty - Paid, short-term leaves for United Faculty members to be absent from campus duties for educational and research purposes, conferences, bereavement, and other professional activities.

  • Jury Duty - Excused duty while appearing as a subpoenaed witness or serving as a member of a jury in public or private litigation.  Employee entitled to regular compensation provided that any pay other than reimbursement for travel or personal expense is surrendered to the University.  The employee will remit this to the Cashiers in the Office of Business Operations.  

  • Medical Appointment - Absences for medical appointments if the United Faculty member misses classes or is absent from campus for half or more of one day. This is usage reduction of sick leave.

  • Military Leave - Time missed with pay in accord with Section 29A.28 of the Code of Iowa.

  • Off Duty (No Pay) - Absence for which no pay is to be made.

  • Sick Injury (Work Comp) - Time missed when injured at work. Employees who are injured on the job should report the injury to their supervisor, regardless of how minor the injury. The supervisor will complete the Employer’s First Report of Injury Form and send it along with any medical charges to the Benefits Section.

  • Sick Leave - Time missed due to injury or illness. Should be recorded for any day the faculty member misses classes or other University obligations, or is absent from campus for half or more of a day due to injury or illness. A United Faculty member may use up to a maximum of five days of accumulated sick leave per academic year for serious illness involving necessary care and attention for the faculty member’s spouse, minor child, domestic partner, or parent.

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