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The Procurement Card is a VISA credit card, issued by US Bank/ √Član Financial Services showing the name of University of Northern Iowa and the individual cardholder's name. The Procurement Card is designed to provide a more efficient and cost-effective method for departments to purchase small dollar, commonly used items, specifically transactions less than $5,000.

The monthly credit limit will be determined by the department, Business Operations and the Procurement Card company, based on departmental need. The maximum credit limit allowed per card will be $5,000, unless special manager approval has been obtained from the Purchasing and Payables manager.

The card is a privilege granted to the individual by the University, so it is the duty of each cardholder to ensure the responsible use of University funds. The University will seek reimbursement for any inappropriate charges made to the card. Fraudulent or intentional misuse of the card will result in revocation of the card.

Procurement Card transactions are audited by the Accounts Payable and Purchasing Services areas of Business Operations, and monitored by Internal Audit.

To apply for a University of Northern Iowa Procurement Card follow the instructions found here.

Note: See back side of agreement for a list of items disallowed for purchase with the Procurement Card.

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