Office of Business Operations


Vendor Address: 
Apple, Inc.
5505 West Parmer Lane
Bldg 4/MS 578-ROA
Austin, TX  78727-6524
Sales Representative: 

Kelly Matthews
Phone: 512-674-6560
Fax: 866-219-9213

Website: ITS: Departmental Purchasing

Contract Description: 

Agreement for the purchase of Apple computers and parts.

Type of Contract: 
Collegiate Purchasing Agreement
Term of Contract: 
How to do Business with Vendor: 
ITS needs to approve all Apple orders. PO's will then be issued to Apple.
Special/Additional Considerations: 

Object codes to keep in mind:
if your equipment purchase is under $499, use object code 63110;
if between $500 - $4999, use object code 63150;
if $5000 and over, use object code 71250.