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Purchasing | Pepsi Contract FAQs

How long is the contract in place?

Our current contract with Pepsi, doing business locally as PepsiAmericas, is in effect from July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2018.

How does the University/my department benefit from our contract with Pepsi?

The university receives funds from Pepsi annually, including commission from the sale of products in Pepsi vending machines. Much of the commission is distributed to the general fund and used for general-fund budgeting purposes.

Why do we have an exclusive agreement with Pepsi?

With an exclusive agreement, the university has been able to maximize its revenue and product pricing from beverage providers. Prior to having an exclusive agreement, UNI received benefits from Pepsi, however the exclusive agreement has generated greater revenue than was previously being realized.

Will I be reimbursed for non-Pepsi beverages consumed in the course of travel or during a business meal?

Yes, the contract states that the university cannot serve or sell any competitive beverage on its campus or in any UNI-identified facility. It does not preclude employees from being reimbursed for competitive beverages consumed during travel or other business meetings.

Can I still purchase non-Pepsi products for my personal consumption on campus?

Yes, employees may purchase Pepsi or non-Pepsi products for personal consumption on campus. Additionally the contract does not prevent employee groups from purchasing beverages in bulk for personal consumption with personal funds.

Where can my department purchase Pepsi products?

UNI must exclusively purchase its beverage products, from PepsiAmericas. As an individual or department on campus, you may purchase from PepsiAmericas directly, or through UNI Catering or the convenience stores on campus (Biscotti’s at the Redeker Center, 23rd Street Market at the Commons and Essentials at the Maucker Union), as their products are purchased directly from PepsiAmericas. Purchasing from other providers is not allowed.

Can I purchase Pepsi products in large quantities from the convenience stores or UNI Catering?

Pepsi soft drinks and water can be purchased in 12 packs on campus from Biscotti's or the 23rd St. Market.  Both of these operations accept departmental charges. If you would like to order for delivery pre-chilled waters and soft drinks, please contact UNI Catering at 3-2333.  For pricing on catering, please refer to and follow the links to catering.

How do I place an order with Pepsi directly?

For departments anticipating or needing large amounts of beverages, purchasing directly from PepsiAmericas could be considered. Consideration should be given to the size and frequency of the order; there is a minimum order size needed to avoid a delivery charge.  To do so, the department must have an account set up with PepsiAmericas and coordinate delivery of the product to the department with Pepsi. Specific details can be obtained from Tonya Gerbracht in Business Operations.