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Merit Timecard Coding Changes

6 years 12 months ago

Payroll will be providing Merit Timecard Coding training for merit employees and/or their supervisors.

As communicated by Human Resource Services via emails, website information, and FAQs, there are numerous upcoming merit system rule changes, some affecting timecard coding effective with the week beginning Sunday, July 2.   

The timecard coding changes primarily affect employees who in the past have coded more than 40 weekly hours including a leave code and also received overtime or compensatory time earned. Another change is for those who work holidays or coded other than the standard 8 hours of Holiday.   This training opportunity will provide instructions on how to correctly report time on your timecard with the changes to overtime, compensatory time, and holiday.

Training sessions will be held June 27, 28, and 29 and are open to merit employees and their supervisors or timecard approvers.  The sessions will last about 45 minutes.  Use the link below to sign up.

Merit Timecard Coding Changes Training

Questions on timecard coding or related pay changes may be sent to, 273-6425 or, 273-3003.

Watch for updated FAQs as additional updates are confirmed.