Office of Business Operations

Accounts Receivable | EMS and Oracle Accounts Receivable

The following departments will continue to use the EMS to schedule and bill for events that involve a building, room and time: Maucker, Wellness, GBPAC, Commons, Dome, Lang, AUD, GIL

  • Departments will need to make sure that all departmental chargebacks are marked paid in the EMS system so that they are not brought over in the upload to Oracle AR.
  • Departments will also be responsible for ensuring that their EMS customers have an EMS customer number in Oracle.
  • If there is no balance due and a deposit was made for an event, departments will need to do a journal entry to move the money from their deposit account and record it as revenue.
  • In order for an EMS invoice to be exported to Oracle AR, it must have a valid EMS customer number, a positive balance, and not be voided.
  • Invoices will only be sent out if there is a positive balance due.
  • Adjustments and Voids made in EMS will have to be manually entered in Oracle AR using the directions for Creating an Adjustment.
  • Departments wishing to keep EMS payment records in sync with Oracle AR will need to use the Oracle AR reports to record payment information in EMS.

Timeline for Weekly EMS Processing of Invoices

Week Day/TimeResponsibilityActivity
DailyEMS UsersCreate invoices in EMS.

Enter new customer information into EMS and Oracle AR Systems.
Friday by NoonEMS UsersHave all new customers set up in Oracle AR
Monday by 5:00pmEMS UsersWithin EMS, input the Oracle AR customer number for all new customers to be invoiced.

Within EMS, mark "paid" all items that are departmental chargebacks
Tuesday from
3:00am to 5:00am
Automated System
Scheduled Jobs
An EMS automated job runs that creates a file containing open invoices to be imported into the Oracle AR system.

A report is mailed to EMS users specifying the invoices that were not sent to Oracle and need to be reviewed.

EMS invoices are uploaded into the Oracle AR system
Tuesday AMBusiness OperationsBusiness Operations staff review system logs to ensure that EMS invoices were imported without error.

The Oracle AR "Auto-Invoice" routine is run.
Tuesday PMEMS UsersEMS users login to the Oracle AR application to verify that invoices imported fully.