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Student Accounts | 1098-T Tax Information

Every January the University of Northern Iowa provides the IRS a 1098-T tax form for all students who were enrolled during the previous tax year. The 1098-T form helps students and/or their families determine whether or not they are eligible to receive a tax credit for a given tax year.  This form is available by January 31st each year.  The form is available electronically through the student's MyUNIverse Student Center or through a Third Party Account with the appropriate permissions. Instructions for downloading the form are listed below.

For more information about tax benefits, please visit the IRS website: Tax Benefits for Education

Note: To withdraw your consent for electronic receipt of your 1098-T tax form, please email and request your electronic consent be withdrawn.

Accessing your 1098-T:

Login to MyUniverse.

Step 1:

Log into MyUNIverse with your UNI CatID Username and Passphrase.   

 Go to my Student Center under My Page

Step 2:

Click the "Go to my Student Center" link on the "My Page" tab.

 Select view 1098-T from the drop-down menu 

Step 3:

In the Finances section, select "View 1098-T" from the "other financial..." drop-down menu.

 Select the tax year to open the form

Step 4: 

On the 1098-T Tax Form tab, click the appropriate tax year.

NOTE: The form will open in a new tab. You may need to enable pop-ups for your browser to allow the form to open.

 Sample 1098-T Form

Step 5: 

Result : The 1098-T opens as a PDF and may be saved or printed.

If you have any questions about accessing your 1098-T Tax Form, please contact the Student Accounts team at or by phone at 319-273-2164.