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Student Accounts | UNI Payment Plan

The University offers a Deferred Payment Plan option for tuition, mandatory fees, and contracted room and meal plan charges. For Fall and Spring semester charges, the payments can be made in 5 monthly installments. Summer payment plans include 3 monthly installments. There is a $20 deferred billing fee that will be assessed to the student’s first installment of the semester.  All current students are eligible to participate but the student must sign up for the plan each semester before the first due date.

Deadlines for signing up for Deferred Payment Plans:

  • Fall semester: September 20
  • Spring semester: February 20
  • Summer semester: May 20


Enrolling in the Deferred Payment Plan:

 Direct deposit sign-up

Step 1:

Log into MyUNIverse.  Select "Go to my Student Center" in the My Page tab.

 Enroll in a payment plan

Step 2:

Click on the drop-down menu titled "Other financial..." Select "Enroll in Payment Plan."

 Select payment plan 

Step 3:

Review the payment plan terms. Select the radio button and click "Next."

Note: The amount listed of $17,400 is not the amount that will be added to the payment plan. This only indicates that it is the maximum amount that can be added to any payment plan. 

 Review installments

Step 4:   

View the 5-monthly installments based on the eligible charges. Click "Next."  



Step 5:

Review the agreement. Mark the checkbox next to "Yes, I have read the agreement." Click "Enroll."



You're finished! 

After you enroll, you will see a confirmation screen with the payment amounts. Your payment plan can now be viewed at any time by going to:  MyUNIverse > Go to my Student Center > Account Inquiry > Charges Due.

Each month, you will need to make a payment online, by mail or in person. For more information on payment options, please visit:

If you have any questions about signing up for the payment plan, please contact the Student Accounts team at or by phone at 319-273-2164.