Office of Business Operations

Granting Permissions for Federal Aid or HEERF III

There are two separate permissions that can be granted to use restricted funds toward your U-Bill. 
  1. Title IV permission (FEDSTATE) that allows federal and state aid to pay for miscellaneous charges (such as the records & documents fee or parking permits). This type of aid is automatically applied to all tuition, mandatory fees, and housing & meal plans that are contracted through the university. In order for federal aid to pay miscellaneous charges, students must give their consent. 

  2. Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund permission (HEERFIII) that allows these funds to apply toward tuition, mandatory fees, housing, food, health care, and child care. If this permission is not granted, all funds will be refunded to the student. 


Login to MyUniverse.

Step 1:

Log into MyUNIverse using your CATID Username and Passphrase

Go to my Student Center under My Page

Step 2:

Under the My Page tab, click "Go to my Student Center" link. 

View Student Permissions under Finances.


Step 3:

In the Finances section, click "View Student Permissions" from the Other Financials dropdown box. Click the "Go  icon"


Step 4:

Go to the Account Services tab.  Click "Student Permission", and click the yellow "Grant Permissions" button. 




Step 5:

Select the "FEDSTATE" or "HEERFIIIpermission form. Click the "NEXT" button. 

 Permission Form Agreement 

Step 6:

Check the "Yes, I have read the agreement" box, and click the "Submit" button. 

Student Permissions Confirmation Page

Step 7: 

A confirmation message will display. 

If you have any questions about granting permissions, please contact the Student Accounts team at or by phone at 319-273-2164.