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Creating a Third Party Account

 Students can set up Third Party Accounts for parents or other individuals who may need access to their billing and student record information. Students are responsible for creating and maintaining all third party accounts.

Creating a Third Party Account

 My Page Third Party Accts

Step 1:

Log onto MyUniverse. On the My Page tab, in the Third Party Accounts pagelet (lower right), click the Manage 3rd Party Accts link.

 Manage 3rd Party Accts Display

Step 2:

The Manage 3rd Party Accts page displays :

 Add New Account 

Step 3:

From there, click the Add New Account button.

Create Your Third Party Account

Step 4:

On the Create Your Third Party Account page, enter the following:

  • Third Party Name – Example “Dad” or third party’s name
  • Choose a Relationship that best describes them – Select as appropriate
  • Passphrase – Type a passphrase. The Passphrase Complexity link provides recommended guidelines. Click to review.
  • Confirm Passphrase – Re-type the passphrase.
  • Authorize My Third Party Access To… - Check each record type you wish this third party to have access to.
Click Save Third Party Account Button 

Step 5:

Click the Save Third Party Account button at the bottom of the page.

Result: A confirmation page displays with the username and access granted. A email is also sent to the student with this information. For security reasons, the password is not included. The student should give the password to the third party.

Third Party Account Password Reset & Maintenance

All password resets and maintenance for access to the student’s records must be completed by the student. Log onto MyUniverse, on the My Page tab, go to the Third Party Accounts pagelet, click the Manage 3rd Party Accts link. Click the account name to update the password or edit the access. Click the Save Third Party Account button when complete.

If you have any questions about creating a third party account please contact the Student Accounts team at or by phone at 319-273-2164.