Office of Business Operations

Perkins Loan | Attorneys Employed in a Defender Organization

**** Attorneys employed in a defenders organization established in accordance with section 3006(g)(2) of title 18 USC.

TO RECEIVE POSTPONEMENT/CANCELLATION:  Fill out and sign your form, have an official certify your employment information, and return the form to this office with a copy of your official job description.  A determination of whether or not you qualify will be made in this office after the receipt of your completed form. 

General process:  The postponement is the first step in the cancellation process.  It stops all billings and keeps your account from going past due until the end of this twelve-month period.  The cancellation is the second and final step in the process.  By requesting cancellation, you are telling us you have now completed the year of service and are now eligible to have a portion of your loan forgiven (cancelled). 

IF YOU FAIL TO COMPLETE YOUR YEAR OF EMPLOYMENT:  :  Your postponement is then considered a deferment.  You will need to send verification of your last date of employment, and we will use that as your deferment end date.  There is a six-month grace period following this deferment in which no interest accrues and no payments are due.

Rates of cancellation:  15% of the original principal balance, plus interest for the first and second year, 20% for the third and fourth years, and 30% for the fifth year.  If you continue in eligible employment and file all your forms, your loan would be cancelled in full at the end of five years.