Office of Business Operations

Termination of Inactive Student Employee Assignments

8 years 6 months ago

Recently the need for a method to terminate inactive student employee assignments in the e-Business system has been reviewed by Human Resource Services, ITS, Business Operations, Financial Aid and Career Services personnel.  For this purpose, inactive student employee assignments are assignments which have had no earnings for five or more months and/or the student is no longer enrolled. Inactive student employee assignments are a security issue and also result in inaccurate reports and liabilities.   As a result of the review, the following processes were identified as the solution to terminate inactive student employees not previously terminated via with a termination SEAF:

  1. The third week of each semester a process will be run to terminate all student employee assignments if the student is not enrolled for that term, or in the summer if not enrolled either summer or fall.  The student will become an ex-student employee in e-Business.
  2. Each month a process will be run to terminate any student employee assignment with no earnings in that assignment for the past five months.  This will terminate inactive individual assignments and also result in the student becoming an ex-student employee if the student has no other active assignment.   

If a student becomes an ex-student employee, any department rehiring them will need to have the student go through the new hire process including a new W-4, direct deposit authorization, and either a new or rehire I-9.   The new electronic I-9 system allows for a more efficient method to use the rehire option and in many cases eliminate the need to view and verify the student employee documents.

These termination processes will be run for the first time the second week of November.  With each process an email notification will be sent to the student’s supervisor, and the supervisor’s supervisor a week prior to the termination.     

Departments are still expected to create TERM SEAFs to terminate their own student employee assignments when a student leaves a job.  The new automated processes are intended to only be a cleanup of student employee assignments that are inactive but have not been terminated by the department.

Questions may be directed to or 273-3003.