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Sign up now before the January 8th deadline for electing online access to your 2017 W-2!

6 years 6 months ago

Please consider electing to receive the 2017 and future year W-2s online (printable) and NOT receive a paper W-2 through U.S. Mail.  The primary benefits of making this election are the following:

  • Your W-2 is securely available to you online instead of having your paper W-2 moving through multiple handling processes for printing, mail preparation, and mail delivery.
  • Your W-2 will be available for viewing, with the option to print, about a week sooner than receiving a mailed W-2.  This may be beneficial to you if you intend to prepare your tax return early.  The online W-2 is formatted exactly the same as the copy you would otherwise receive in the mail.
  • You may access your W-2 through Employee Self Service at any time after they are made available, including prior years.  Only employees who have made the election to receive the online W-2, thereby not to receive the paper W-2, will be able to view the W-2 through e-business Employee Self Service.
  • Eliminating as many paper W-2s as possible results in significant savings to the university by avoiding postage, paper and processing costs of printing, transporting and mailing.

To make this election, go to UNI Employee Self Service> W-2 Delivery Preference, log in, and select Yes for Online.  The election must be made no later than January 8th to be effective for the 2017 W-2s. If you become an ex-employee your W-2 will be automatically mailed and not available online.  See W2 Delivery Preference Instructions for more detailed instructions.