Office of Business Operations

Oracle Ebiz- UNI Purchasing User

8 years 3 months ago

The “UNI Purchasing User” responsibility has been developed in Oracle ebiz and includes applications to help users create orders using iProcurement punchouts, create and track requisitions, invoices and receiving. Some benefits of this responsibility include a standard form for all requisitions, the ability to use any account combination on a requisition and functionality that allows users to be added to workflow through the iProcurement dashboard.  If your work assignment requires you to utilize these tools it is recommended that you request this responsibility through the SRS system as soon as possible. Purchasing functions included in the FIN responsibility (requisitions, requisition summary, purchase order summary, and receiving) will be removed from that responsibility on May 16.  

Questions can be directed to James Tanzosch at extension 3-5811 or by email at .