Office of Business Operations

Finding AR Invoices

How to Find AR Invoices:

 Click on the flashlight

Step 1:

Login to eBusiness, select your FIN responsibility. From the menu, select AR Transactions. Click on the FLASHLIGHT to start your search.

search fields

Step 2:

A search can be performed using one or more of the following criteria (after entering critera, click FIND):

  • TRANSACTION NUMBER(S): Search by invoice number; allows for an option of searching for range of invoices.
  • NAME: Search by customer name in the Bill To section using name or customer number, if known.
  • TRANSACTION DATES: Search based on invoice creation dates; allows for you to search for a range of dates.
  • SOURCES: Search based on your departments defined source code (example: ITS Manual or ATH Manual).
  • TRANSACTION TYPES: Search based on type of invoice.
  • PRIMARY SALESPERSON: Search based on agent/salesperson (point of contact for the invoice).
  • PERIOD: Search based on GL period.

 Note: If you unsure of the search parameter you need to enter, each field is searchable by clicking on the field and selecting . You will be prompted with a FIND screen where you can enter partial values along with the % to limit your search (example: %Deere% in the name field or %SOM% in the transaction type field).

If you have any questions about How to Find an Invoice please contact the Accounts Receivable team at or by phone at 319-273-2162.