Office of Business Operations

Creating an Invoice

All non-student related invoices issued must be completed using the University's official billing system, eBusiness. Below is a step by step guide for creating manual invoices in the Accounts Receivable module.

Creating an Accounts Receivable Invoice:

 Select AR Transactions

Step 1:

Login to eBusiness, select your FIN responsibility. From the menu, select AR Transactions. Enter the following fields on the MAIN tab:

  • SOURCE: This will default based on your FIN responsibility and is unique to your department.
  • CLASS: The default is invoice.
  • TYPE: Select a type that starts with your departmental ID (i.e. ITS or OBO). Each type has a default account number assigned.
  • REFERENCE: Enter the Contact Person's phone number which will appear on the invoice.
  • BILL TO: Use the List of Values to select the Customer. Verify the address is correct and that the Location field matches your Departmental Name.
  • PAYMENT TERM: The default is 30 NET.

Click the MORE tab.

Enter agent, purchase order number

Step 2:

On the MORE tab, enter the following fields:

  • AGENT: Use the List of Values to select the UNI Contact (a.k.a. Salesperson).
  • PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER: Enter the Billing Customer's Purchase Order number (if available).
  • COMMENTS: Enter the comments that you wish to appear on the printed invoice (optional).

Click on  to save your work.

Click on LINE ITEMS.

Tax code screen

Step 3: 

The Lines screen allows you to enter detailed information that will populate on the printed invoice. Enter the following fields for each line needed on the invoice:

  • DESCRIPTION: Enter an appropriate description of the goods or service or select a standard memo line from the list of values.
  • UOM: Enter a unit of measure (i.e. each).
  • QUANTITY: Enter an appropriate quantity.
  • UNIT PRICE: Enter the price.

Click on  to save your work.

For taxable sales, click TAX and enter the  TAX CODE: Select 7% Sales Tax. This must be done for each line on the invoice.


Distributions & Lines screen

Step 4:

The account number will default based upon the Invoice Type selected on the Main tab. Enter the object code if one did not default. Verify the account number for accuracy. If the item is taxable, be sure to use a taxable object code.

Note: NEVER change the distributions for the Receivables Line.

Click on  to save your work. Close the Distributions and Lines window.

Go back to the Main tab.



update freight charges

Step 5:

Note that an Invoice Number is now populated.

If freight charges need to be added, click on FREIGHT. Enter the Amount to be charged. Click on   to save your work. Close the Freight window.

Click on COMPLETE to finish the transaction. The Office of Business Operations team will run a daily process to print all completed invoices and mail them to the customer. If you need to correct an invoice after it has already been completed and mailed please follow the adjustment process and rebill.



Viewing invoice

Step 6:

Upon clicking complete, a copy of the invoice can be viewed by clicking on . Changes to an invoice can be made within the same business day (prior to 3 pm). To make changes, click INCOMPLETE, make any necessary changes and click COMPLETE.





If you have any questions about creating an invoice please contact the Accounts Receivable team at or by phone at 319-273-2162.