Office of Business Operations

Creating an AR Invoice Adjustment

General Tips for Creating an Adjustment:

  • Adjustments should be completed if you want to reduce the amount due on an invoice.
  • Adjustments for more than ($1,000) must be approved by OBO
  • If you want to increase the amount due on an invoice, create a new invoice for the additional amount OR adjust or delete the initial invoice and create a new invoice for the full amount.
  • Departments can do a partial adjustment for any line on the invoice up to the amount due for that line.
  • Adjustments applied at the invoice level must be for the full amount due.

Creating an AR Invoice Adjustment:

 AR Transactions summary

Step 1:

Log into eBusiness, select FIN responsibility. From the menu, select AR Transactions Summary. To search for the invoice number that needs to be deleted, enter the invoice number and click find.

Select invoice that needs to be deleted.  

Step 2:

Select the invoice that needs to be deleted by clicking to the left of the line. Once selected, click ADJUST.

 Select the activity name on the main tab

Step 3:

On the MAIN tab, enter the Activity Name = Adjustment.

To adjust the invoice for the balance due, enter the Type = Invoice. If adjusting a particular line amount, enter the Type = Line. The adjustment amount should be entered as a NEGATIVE number.

    • For Line adjustments, you MUST enter the line # your adjusting in the Account, IDs Tab.
Comments tab 

Step 4:

On the COMMENTS tab, select the appropriate Reason from the drop down menu provided. Additional comments or justification for making the adjustments should be noted in the Comments section. Click on  to save your work.

If you have any questions about Creating an Invoice Adjustment please contact the Accounts Receivable team at or by phone at 319-273-2162.