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Applying a Deposit

When collecting deposits or down payments for a good or service, departments should always record them using the Cash Receipt for Deposit form located in the Forms Repository and follow normal cash handling guidelines. When creating the final invoice, the deposit is reflected by adding a line to the invoice so your customer can see the total charges less the payment already made. The account number for all deposits or down payments is XXXX.00.00000.12005.0000.00.0000.000 where "XXXX" equals your departments specific fund number.

How to Apply a Deposit on an Invoice:

 line detail information

Step 1:

You will follow normal Create Invoice processes. When you are ready to add the deposit or down payment entry, please follow this guidance on the line detail (this is what displays on the invoice):

  • DESCRIPTION: Enter "Deposit" or "Down Payment, along with the date the deposit was made. If you know the payment reference you can also include that (i.e. check #).
  • QUANTITY: Enter quantity of 1.
  • UNIT PRICE: Enter the deposit or down payment amount as a negative number.



Step 2:

Click on DISTRIBUTIONS. Enter the GL Account information, XXXX.00.00000.12005.0000.00.0000.000 where "XXXX" is your department's fund number. Click on   to save your work. Close the Distributions window and proceed with completing your invoice.

If you have any questions about Applying a Deposit to an Invoice please contact the Accounts Receivable team at or by phone at 319-273-2162.