Office of Business Operations

Accounts Payable | Supplier Direct Deposit

The University of Northern Iowa invites all vendors to participate in the University's Vendor Direct Deposit Payment Program. This program utilizes ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments to provide a timely, accurate and convenient method of depositing funds owed to vendors. Instead of using paper to carry necessary transaction information, (like a check), ACH transactions are transmitted electronically between financial institutions. Because ACH is electronic, transactions are processed faster than paper checks which must be handled manually. A remittance email is sent to address provided below at the time payment is initiated to notify you of the impending deposit. Utilizing ACH payment processing is more efficient for your business, the University and better for the environment.

Please include a copy of a voided check (not a deposit slip) to the top of this form to ensure accurate processing.

Once the form is completed please send back to the University either through U.S. mail or it can be faxed. For your security, forms received through email cannot be accepted and must still be sent through mail or by fax.

Click here to download the form.