Office of Business Operations

ProCard Purchases Under $5,000


ProCard Purchases Less Than $5,000

The University Procurement Card is our least expensive payment tool for the University if credit card payments are accepted. All non-IT purchases less than $5,000 should be purchased via procard. The only exception to this would be when there is a finance charge associated with processing a credit card payment. Going forward any Requests for Payment (RFP) submitted under this threshold will be rejected back to the department if credit card payments are accepted.


Additionally, employee reimbursements will be limited to travel, moving reimbursements, candidate interview meals, recruit meals, guest speaker meals, or required safety equipment allowances (i.e. shoes or glasses). Staff should not pay for University expenses out of pocket in all other instances. If you have staff who routinely need to make small dollar purchases, please have them apply for a procard.


Why are we asking you to make this change?

By using the procurement card as your first payment option, we can significantly reduce expenses incurred in facilitating payments to University vendors. Vendors will also benefit from receiving their payments faster and would not need to go through the supplier set up process in eBusiness.     


If you have any questions about ProCard Purchases, please contact Business Operations at 319-273-2162 or email